Our Story

My name is Amber and that’s my husband Dean and our son James. We are the owners of the Twilight Swan House.

When my husband and I learned that the Swan House was on the market in 2018, we had to go take a look. Just like many other fans, I had previously visited this home to admire the outside and take photos in front of it. Seeing the inside of the home in person, which we previously had only seen on screen, was a surreal experience. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that our offer on the home would be accepted, but here we are.

After purchasing this charming 1935 home we were faced with a dilemma of what do we would do with the house? We weren’t sure whether we were going to move in or find some way to make it available to the public. We decided to try renting it out as a vacation home until we knew what we wanted to do long term. We began sharing content on social media of our progress fixing up the house.

If Twilight fans were going to stay here, we wanted them to feel like they were completely immersed in a movie set. The previous owners were asked by the movie crew if they wanted to keep the house the same colors that they had painted the interior for filming. Fortunately they did. My hunt then began for locating decor that was either screen accurate or as close to screen accurate as possible. Fellow Twilight fans that had been following along with us began asking how they could help or be a part of this project. A majority of the decor around the house has been contributed by Twilight fans from around the world. It has been such an incredible experience.
We officially opened for bookings in March of 2019 and feel so incredibly blessed by all of the people we have met through the fandom and this endeavor, some of whom we now call our close friends.

Over the first two years of owning the Twilight Swan House, we found ourselves commuting back and forth a lot, and really fell in love with Columbia County. So in October of 2020 we packed up our belongings and moved. We now live only 20 minutes away from the Twilight Swan House.
For all of you that have been following along from the start, thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown us and this house! For those of you that are new, welcome! We look forward to having you all experience a piece of the movie magic.